1. Dear AG Sessions, it’s about damn time! You and other departments need to understand that until the BAD characters (IRS, FBI, CIA AND DOJ) are indicted, prosecuted and punished, we will NEVER rest. We are supposed to be a nation of laws and right now, we are not.

  2. They should freeze all monies of Clinton’s until this is ALL done. Maybe that smug Cheasy in her upscale apt would have to move to the burps or next to the Whitehouse in the dump Hillary bought. Clinton’s knew he was the one for their daughter, his Dad went to jail for his scams, need to repost all of this.

    Where’s the 33 thousand e-mails?????????????? Heck, it takes years to read the e-mails in gov. , give them to a few people like O and CO and they would have them read in two days.


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