Thursday, December 14, 2017
  Now that the number of woman is well above 6 Sen Al Franken has made the decision to call it quits.   #DINDUNEWS
364654492-Democracy-Alliance-Fall-Investment-Conference-Agenda   Full PDF of Event
Lawyer Doug Jones Charged Siegelman $300,000, And What Did The Former Governor Get For It? Doug Jones G. Douglas Jones, who was Don Siegelman's second chief defense counsel, charged the former governor $300,000, a source tells Legal Schnauzer. What did Siegelman get for...
David Brock and Media Matter giving a fake news handout to schools.   fake_news_handout
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In the USA TODAY EMPLOYEE DATA BASE WE FIND An OBAMA OFFICIAL HIDING. Was this a hit job for payback about DACA. Skip in Skip x Embed x Share CLOSE A USA TODAY investigation found that dozens of lobbyists and government contractors are among the members of President Trump's private golf clubs. USA TODAY President [...]


#DACA Protesters on fifth avenue said deport them and lock us up NYPD said Okay!
An Iowa Democratic congressional candidate’s foul mouth reportedly has gotten her barred from speaking at a local fundraiser next month. The Des Moines Register reports that a Polk County Democratic Party committee voted not to offer a speaking invitation to Heather Ryan for their upcoming steak fry, where several members of Congress and other candidates [...]